How soon is too soon to start planning your wedding?

When your boyfriend or partner says those four words “Will you marry me?” you feel a whole host of emotions. Surprise, delight, overwhelming happiness and the realisation you’re committing to a lifetime together; there are very few times in your life when you’ll feel as happy when you simply reply with “Yes”.

After you’ve told your family, friends, the bus driver and anyone who’s willing to listen to your proposal story, the reality of getting married and planning your wedding becomes a reality and sometimes an expensive one. It’s no surprise that I see couples planning their wedding 3 years in advance so they have finances in place without going into debt. Bearing in mind until recently a registrar could only be booked 12 months before the big day, securing a venue this far in advance without knowing if you have anyone to marry you could have its downfalls.

Anyway I digress. Back to the question “How soon is too soon to start planning your wedding?” As long as the venue is confirmed; there are exceptions of course; the rest can be done within 12 months. Just start saving. Save money, save cut-outs from magazines, save swatches of anything that has the colour you want, save pictures of anything and everything you like the idea of, save music, save poems, save jewellery for a brooch bouquet and put it all in a safe place for when you’re ready to start your planning.

To all the couples I spoke to at The Brangwyn Hall, good luck for your big day.x.


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