As wedding speeches go (before you ask), yes it’s normally very easy to spot the groom that hasn’t rehearsed his speech before the big day.

Knowing where to start can be the hardest part because there are a whole host of things to take into consideration. Who to thank and why, presents to give, toasts to make, the tone of your speech, and so on so I’ve put together a check list to get you started.

  • Thank your new father-in-law for his speech and for his beautiful daughter.
  • Thank the guests for coming along to share the day and thank them for their gifts, after-all some of your guests will have travelled long distances and are staying in hotels at considerable expense.
  • Both sets of parents can be thanked if they have helped in any way towards the wedding.
  • A token gift can be given at this stage to the mothers.
  • Compliment your ‘new’ wife several times.
  • Gifts and thanks are given to the best man and the rest of the bridal party.
  • A toast to the bridesmaids.

That’s the easy bit. Now you need to decide on the tone of your speech; humorous, sincere or a mixture of the two; and rack your brains for all those stories and anecdotes.

  • Make sure your “Thank you’s” come from “You and your wife”.
  • Thank your parents and brides parents for their love and support.
  • Thank the bridesmaids, pageboys and ushers for all their hard work.
  • Thank the Best man for his support, for doing a great job and ask him to go easy on you in his speech.
  • Talk about your wife and how you first met. Your first date and how you proposed. Tell the guests any funny anecdotes about you and your bride.
  • Mention how wonderful your bride looks (look at her when you say this).

Just remember, the people watching you deliver your speech are there to share your wedding day, not criticize so try to relax and enjoy yourself. p.s. Nothing will guarantee you a cheer more than starting a sentence with “My wife and I……”

Now it never ceases to amaze me how small this world is. While scouring the internet some 18 months ago I came across a website that filmed weddings. One wedding showcased on their site caught my attention; the trailer is titled “Megan & Ned ‘The Best Grooms Speech Ever’”. Fast forward to now and it turns out the wedding was filmed by the nephew of a very good friend of mine that lives in The States . Each time I watch this trailer it brings tears to my eyes, so gentlemen watch and take notes, ladies settle down with a cuppa and a tissue.