I have to admit that after working with hessian for last week’s wedding, I’ve fallen in love with it a little bit. I’m not a fan of open weave and frayed edges for a wedding and so I knew that making 16ft hessian runners and table centres appear neat was going to be a challenge. Thankfully Jane (the bride) and I were in agreement, we didn’t want scruffy, we wanted smart and off I went to play!

Each stencil was hand cut, masking taped down and painted over to create….

iPad 02.07.13 008 Jane & colin's wedding 043

I was so amazed how lovely this material was to work with I played some more and…….Ta-Dah!

Jane & colin's wedding 034

This, I’m really pleased with and I’m happy to say Jane & Colin were too.

Eleanor Gail can print these to order and they’re a wonderful keepsake to mark any occasion, wedding, birthdays, a new addition to the family or simply a word definition such as ‘Love’.

If you’d like Gail to help with any aspect of your wedding or if you’d simply like to order a personalised print, please visit www.eleanorgail.co.uk or simply call on 0787 655 1592.x.