I’ve been super busy over the last month working with some lovely people for a wedding that’s taking place in 2 weeks time. The wedding is for a couple that are getting married after nearly 20 years together and it made me wonder “How important is marriage when a couple have been together for so long?”

After much Google searching and reading of statistics about everything from the number of weddings in 1972, (there were 480,285 in the UK in case you’re interested) to reading that if a cat sneezes the day before the wedding, the bride will be lucky in her marriage. (I feel a business opportunity coming on, Rent-a-Cat.) But ultimately a couple get married because they’ve fallen in love and want to make a declaration to each other.

People get married today for very different reasons than say, 50 years ago. Then, respectable people got married; there was no other way you could live together let alone having children out of wedlock. Today, marriage is thankfully a choice and the decision to get married is made more and more by couples that are generally in their thirties, have careers and bought a house. Tying the knot for them is the final piece of their jigsaw.

I read an article a long time ago and a sentence has always stayed with me; “The choice of a partner is one of the most significant you’ll ever make in your life”; and it’s so true. To find someone with whom you are completely at ease and realise that life is easier with them in it, is incredibly lucky. And to commit to that person in front of your family and friends is just a lovely, lovely thing to do.

Good luck to Jane & Colin.x.